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  • Community Events

    G.E.M.S - Learn creative real estate equity marketing

    Greenville Equity Marketing Session

    Bring deals you are working on. They can be easy wholesale deals or difficult deals you think cannot be done. We will show you how you can creatively make a deal work that otherwise doesnt fit in the standard models. Learn to market the equity in...

    Phone Banking and Canvassing with Tina Belge, Candidate for Senate 6

    Young Democrats of Greenville

    Join us as we connect with voters in Senate District 6 to talk about Tina's campaign. We'll provide you with training and scripts. Please bring your cell phone and charger.

    January Happy Hour

    Greenville Couples Meetup

    If you've not been to Smiley's recently, here's your chance to see and experience the changes there in recent months. Not sure about the live music lineup yet, but we know there will be some special drink pricing for us! Those new to the group,...